A La Carte

meats (gluten free) 4


thick- cut bacon

ham steaks

sausage links

corned beef hash add 1

~All above are gluten free

sides (gluten free)


green chili 2 or salsa 2

egg or egg whites* 2.5

home fries 3

white cheddar grits 3.5

fresh fruit 4

gluten free toast 2


sourdough 2

rye 2

wheat 2

multigrain 2

or english muffin 2

gravy 2.5

buttermilk pancake 3.5

“special” pancake 4


organic coffee, hot tea, hot chocolate, milk, chocolate milk, iced tea, raspberry tea, pepsi, diet pepsi, dr. pepper, sierra mist 2.5
fresh squeezed lemonade (1 refill limit) 3
orange juice, V-8 tomato juice, 100% cranberry juice, pink grapefruit juice
small 2.5 large 3.5


Kid’s Breakfast

 (Kid’s meals available for age 12 or under; kid’s drinks 1 juice 2)

Egg~ceptional Omelette jack & cheddar cheese and wheat toast  5  add ham  6

Little Heart and Soul Breakfast  1 egg*, 1 strip bacon and wheat toast  4.5

French Toast  2 slices ciabatta bread and 1 strip of bacon  4.5
Dollar Pancakes  one pancake lightly dusted with powdered sugar topped with whipped cream; buttermilk  3.5   chocolate chip  4  blueberry  4.5

Kid’s Lunch served with homes fries or fresh fruit

Kid’s drinks 1  Juice 1.5

Nutella and Banana  grilled on wheat bread  5.5 

Quesadilla  one flour tortilla made with monterey jack and white cheddar cheeses  5  add chicken  6

Grilled Cheese Fingers with melted white american on wheat bread  4.5   with ham  5.5

Roasted Turkey Sandwich  white American cheese and mayo or mustard on wheat bread  5.5

*Eggs cooked to order; consuming undercooked meat, seafood or eggs may increase your risk of food borne illness.
**Peanuts are served in-house. Please inform your server of any allergies.
(!!!) House Speciality